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Create Telegram
and Viber chatbots

With Google Sheet

XLSheet Bot allows to you create your own bot using Google Sheet

  • Easy design with Google Sheets
  • Create Rich Content
  • Build your own Flows
  • Design Forms
  • Send Follow-up messages
  • Broadcast messages
  • Keep customers in spreadsheet
  • All in one place - in one Google Spreadsheet

How does it work?

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What do I need to set up my first bot?
You will need to obtain a token for your chatbot from BotFather and provide XLSheet chatbot with a gmail address (the email is used ONLY to generate and transfer google spreadsheet), more on this video.
Can I build Facebook/Whatsapp chatbot with this service?
No, not yet. Subscribe on our news in Telegram to stay tuned.
Where can I track news about project development?
We post news in Telegram, Twitter, also you may find project's Release Notes helpful as well.